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My Passion For Music

Hi! I'm Nicholas Zhuravel and I'm a musician. I started with piano, then guitar, then I learned how to write music, and then I learned how to use software where I could now fully express my musical abilities and grow in creativity and creating the music I love. I maintained consistent scheduled progress updates for my former clients. I look forward to working with you!




If you can read this something hasn't rendered properly

If you can read this something hasn't rendered properly

New Album

In my new Bandcamp album titled "Empyrean", you'll find music with trance qualities and ambient qualities. I uploaded one of my latest tracks titled "Empyrean" to YouTube. It is my first official music upload to the YouTube platform. I hope you enjoy it! 


Wild Origin

I created a total of ten original tracks for a game named "Wild Origin" that plans to reach 30 million people by 2030. Looking forward to potentially adding more to the soundtrack as more content is released.

The developer, Cody Rauh, does all the art, animation, level design, sound, and C# programming.
His Website: www.wildorigin.online


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